Artist’s block – interrupted by Sunday brunch.

It’s frustrating really, to have all this creativity nearly exploding from my skull and having such struggles to put it on paper for my final project. – it’s a depression trigger. So I’m off to bed with sketchbook and pencil resting on the pillow beside me. Maybe ill create something mind blowing – while sleepwalking, or I guess you would call it sleep drawing.
I hate when I am unable to be productive during my days off. Feels like I’m wasting time.
My brain hurts from thinking to much about this final project.
Fingers crossed something happens and my artist’s block dissolves.
Does anyone know of any solutions for artist’s/writer’s block ?

one thing I love about myself today is:
My unexplainable love for flowers. I just get so happy when I am around them.

Goodnight lovelies xx

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Our good friend Munk One recently did a design for rapper Meek Mill’s die cut mask that is available now in limited quantities. Get yours here.

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Motivational quote for October 23rd 2012

Building for Success

“Keys to success: Research your ideas, plan for success, expect success, and just do it. “- John S. Hinds






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Victor Reyes and Steel will be having a collaborative art exhibition called ‘All Write You Scumbags’ which will feature new works by the 2 artists. The show will have an opening reception on 9.14.2012 from 6PM-10PM and will run until 9.29.2012 at the Klughaus Gallery. Don’t miss out!

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Let’s get sticky

Im going to give this a try once I get back from my road trip out of town. Contemplating on whether I should begin with my controversial artwork, environmental artwork, or just random bullshit.


Wheat paste Glue Receipe  (from ento~crisis-310)

Prepare 1 cup (2.4 dl) of very hot water. Make a thin mixture of 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of white flour and cold water (just enough to wet all the flour and make it liquid enough to pour). Pour the cold mixture slowly into the hot water while stirring constantly. Bring to a boil. When it thickens, allow to cool. Smear on like any other glue. For slightly better strength, add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of sugar after the glue is thickened. After using a portion, reheat the remaining in a covered jar or container to sterilize it for storage or keep refrigerated. If wheat flour is not available, other flours will work.

Rice Paste

Mix one part rice flour and six parts water. Heat while mixing to a smooth consistency.


Acacia tree gum also works.


In 1990, the University of Washington measured the holding power of various adhesives:

Adhesive Peel Test
Rice Paste 7.9 lbs
Wheat Paste 8.1 lbs
White Glue (full strength) 7.5 lbs
White Glue (diluted 1:1 with water) 8.1

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Titties and Tacos

Check out this blog. Great photography and street art.

There are no tits, just couldn’t think of a better title.


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loving in detail………………………

twisted ♥

They embellish their love with detail

With gentle strokes and light kisses
They love to make love with their eyes and they never look away with the fear of losing one another


sincerely yours
my dark and twisted heart

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Just a friendly reminder of what we at XWHREAGL$DAREX are capable of. Here is some work we did for the fellas of The Wild Ones. We aint going anywhere!

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